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Welcome to Creepypedia

All stories posted to this wiki are held under exclusive copyright by their respective authors. By posting a story on this wiki, you are claiming authorship.

This wiki and Miraheze retain a free, global license to redistribute all stories hosted on this wiki.

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What is Creepypasta?

Creepypasta is a general term used to refer to works of horror fiction posted on the internet. It is derived from the term "copypasta" and used to refer to short horror anectdotes shared anonymously on message boards. Since then, the term has evolved to refer to all kinds of horror fiction, artwork, videos, and other media.

The importance of this distiction is this: although the stories hosted on this site can be called creepypastas, that does not make them free content for you to use and redistribute however you like (as was previously the case with old first-generation creepypastas.) All stories on this website are under exclusive copyright by their respective authors unless otherwise specified, by the authors themselves, in some form such as by releasing their stories under a creative commons license, which they are free to do. This applies including and especially to narrations, which are considered derivative works and thus may only be done with either express permission of the author or implied permission through a stated license ("fair use" does not apply to simple direct narrations of stories that have no commentary or other elements to make the video "transformative"; adding video effects or music is not transformative.) This is the case whether or not you monetize the narration.

Likewise, not everything that can be considered creepypasta is accepted on this website. There are some restrictions on what people can post to maintain the good order and a minimum standard of quality for this site. Please read the site rules carefully before posting a story.